Sun World’ global licensing activities started in the mid-1990s when Sun World’s first green seedless variety known as Sugraone Variety (SUPERIOR SEEDLESS® brand) was planted in various countries without lawful rights. The licensing business was established to assist with enforcement and to responsibly share our varieties with others.

We partner with the finest growers and marketers throughout the world: as a result, today Sun World fruit varieties are grown on over 42,000 acres (more than 17,000 hectares) on six continents, ensuring a year-round supply of some of the best fruit available.


To manage such a large network, we’ve established licensing offices in North America, Australia, South America, Europe, Israel, and South Africa.

Our international licensing managers pick the most professional grower and marketer licensees to ensure that Sun World’s delicious proprietary grapes, plums, peaches, nectarines, and apricots are grown, harvested and delivered to the highest specifications.


Licensees become a part of the Sun World family. We care about the success of our licensees and therefore provide them with technical and marketing support with on-site consultant visits, special group field days and international expos. We also hold weekly taste panel evaluations and send fruit trial results to our licensees worldwide to keep them updated on new varieties in the pipeline. We connect licensed marketers and growers so they can work together to efficiently deliver produce to markets worldwide. To ensure our new varieties will be appreciated by growers, marketers, customers, and consumers we carefully select and commercialize our new varieties.


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