Welcome to Sun World

Sun World is proud to be a leading grower of fresh, delicious California grapes...  With many types of grapes, including seedless red grapes, green grapes and black grapes, you're sure to find a Sun World grape perfectly suited to your personal liking.  Our fresh grapes are not only tasty straight from the field and store, but also as a part of your favorite grape recipe. Try classic favorites such as this Mixed Greens and Grapes Salad Recipe or a delicious Grape Pie Recipe featuring Sun World MIDNIGHT BEAUTY® brand grapes.

We invite you to explore all of our incredible Sun World Brand Grapes, each featuring unique flavor profiles and an abundance of nutritional benefits.  From our tremendously dark and juicy, yet decadently sweet MIDNIGHT BEAUTY® brand seedless black grapes to the refreshingly sweet flavor and crisp bite of AUTUMNCRISP® brand seedless green grapes, or even our lusciously sized SCARLOTTA SEEDLESS® brand red grapes, there’s sure to be a Sun World brand grape for you!

And be sure to also check out cool facts on how we grow these unique grape varieties that are unlike any other grapes you’ve tasted!