Black Grapes

Black seedless grapes are known for their bold colors and exceptionally sweet flavor. They‘re wonderful additions to fresh, green salads or you can roast them for an easy, delectable side dish. With availability from our California vineyards as early as April, you can start enjoying Sun World’s black grapes in the springtime, perfect for Mother’s Day brunches and Memorial Day picnics.

All types of black grapes Sun World offers are low in calories with an abundance of antioxidants and vitamin C. Learn more about the health benefits of black seedless grapes in our NUTRITION SECTION.

Types of Grapes

  • Sable Seedless Brand Black Grapes
    These grapes are known for their distinct Muscat overtones and deep black color. Simmer them in orange juice and honey and serve with rich cream for a delectable dessert.
    In Season
    Mid Jun-Aug
  • Midnight Beauty Brand Black Grapes
    Known for their full-bodied sweetness, these simply delicious grapes are the perfect additions to ice creams, sorbets or fruit-based desserts.
    In Season
    Mid Jun-Sep
  • ADORA SEEDLESS® brand black grapes
    Refreshingly crisp and sweet, these grapes average about an inch in diameter giving them the nickname of the “two-bite” grape.
    In Season
    Mid Sep-Dec
  • Black on the outside and yellow-green on the inside, these grapes are visually striking when sliced in salads, with excellent flavor and firm texture.
    In Season
    Mid Oct-Nov