Sun World Technology Mission

 “Sun World seeks to identify and nurture unique agriculture technologies, especially those relevant to permanent specialty crops, in support of Sun World’s licensees farming pursuits around the world” 

Industry Overview

Agriculture Overview

Agriculture plays a critical role in today’s world. Not only does it provide employment to many, it continues to feed our ever growing population. With an expected population increase to 10 billion people by 2050, global food production will need to increase by 70%. That being said, we have the responsibility to implement sustainable agricultural practices that don’t compromise future generations’ ability to meet their own needs.

Over the last 5-10 years, we have seen major developments in agricultural technology. Tech start-ups are aimed at bringing solutions to the sector. Today, we are closer to solutions than ever before, but still, have a way to go. The challenge is to close the gap between farmers, technology companies, and investors. This can only be done when these three groups work together to identify solutions that promote efficiency, keep costs down, and continue to provide the world with the most sustainable and best quality product.

What is Ag Tech?

Agriculture technology describes new technologies in the agricultural sector that increase productivity, improve the efficiency of resource use, and reduce the environmental impact of current agricultural practices.

Why Ag Tech?

As labor availability and efficiency continue to challenge us, along with environmental and regulatory hurdles, the ag industry is increasingly seeking more efficient ways to farm, pack, and bring fresh produce to market. This hasn’t gone unnoticed by investors and tech companies. In 2015, investment reached $4.6 billion, nearly double 2014 investments. Our team believes there is a need for greater innovation to be applied to permanent specialty crops and recognizing this we continuously seek technologies that can address common agricultural challenges.

Sun World

Established in late 2015, Sun World is the technology and licensing division of Sun World International LLC, a U.S. based producer and marketer of table grapes and stone fruit. As part of its overarching mission, to identify and nurture technologies in support of Sun World’s California farming pursuits and those of its 1,400 licensees around the world, Sun World explores technologies in crop input, water, harvest, and labor efficiencies, along with plant breeding. To date, Sun World has assessed more than one hundred tech companies, invested in some and established ongoing trials with countless others. Currently, we are working with THRIVE, and agriculture tech accelerator to help identify cutting edge technologies.

What makes us different? Why Sun World?

As a company that is vertically and horizontally integrated, we provide our partners with abundant resources and knowledge from a breeding, farming, and global licensee perspective. For ag technology companies, we believe our farms and global licensees offer a platform to assess and potentially commercialize new technologies, particularly those well-suited for permanent specialty crops such as grapes, stone fruit, nuts, citrus, and apples. With over forty years in the industry, our team has the experience tech companies need to trial and fine-tune their products. With that said, our Sun World team is continuously looking for opportunities to combine technologies with our three-component platform.


Sun World has partnered with THRIVE, an accelerator that provides us and our licensees with access to emerging start-ups. THRIVE’s goal is to solve problems in the ag tech space through connecting promising start-ups with progressive agriculture businesses and investors.

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Victoria Kovacevich
Ag Tech Analyst