Proprietary Stone Fruit Brands

Stone Fruit Variety Development

Sun World’s Center for Innovation is the birthplace of many great peach, nectarine, plum, and apricot varieties grown throughout the world today. The Center’s stone fruit breeding program is known for its flavorful red-fleshed black plum varieties sold collectively under the BLACK DIAMOND® brand, and its collection of apricot varieties sold under the HONEYCOT® brand. The BLACK DIAMOND® brand plum series consists of several varieties that span the season in ten-day increments, from the ultra-early ‘Suplumfortyone’ to the late-season ‘Suplumfifty’, and includes varieties that can be grown in low-chill regions to extend the season even further. The HONEYCOT® brand apricot series currently consists of seven varieties from the popular early-season ‘Suaprinine’, to the new late-season highly-flavored ‘Suapritwelve’. The HONEYCOT® brand series varieties are known for being bright and colorful with a sweet-aromatic flavor. HONEYCOT® brand varieties are slow-softening so that growers can allow the fruit to mature to their fullest flavor and aroma before picking.

The program also specializes in the development of early-season and low-chill peaches and nectarines that have size, color and flavor characteristics of mid-season varieties, and on an array of specialty yellow plums, dapple plums and unique interspecific varieties.

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