Sugrafiftyone-Early Green



Sugrafiftyone, a new variety from Sun World with the crispness and appearance of  AUTUMNCRISP®, but the earliness of  SUPERIOR SEEDLESS®

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  • Harvest: Early. About +4 days Sugraone. Harvest begins July 17 in Bakersfield, CA.
  • Cluster: Uniform, large, 750g with 90 berries. Grower-friendly
  • Berry: Oval, 24mm (9g), milky-green berry. Good natural berry size.
  • Flavor: Crisp, sweet juicy with pleasant Muscat flavor. 17 brix with low acidity
  • Post-Harvest: Firm, Good attachment. Good storage potential
  • Vine: Medium-high vigor, Excellent fertility, grower-friendly with minimal hand labor requirements

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  • California: July-August