Licensing Manager Peru

Position Description 

Position Title 


Licensing Manager Peru 

Reporting to  


Licensing Director 



Lima, Peru 



Base salary US$ 110,000 (gross) plus potential bonus of 20% of base (to be reviewed March 2023), with 20% dependant on company goals being achieved and 80% based on personal goals being achieved  


Responsibilities and Duties 


  1. Licensing Manager, Peru duties 
  1. Business growth management 
  • Identify opportunities to develop the Sun World Peruvian business 
  • Manage the business, driving royalty and market share growth by achieving target plantings 
  • Prepare and manage a Strategic Growth Plan, including competitive landscapes, licensee targets, projected plantings, gap analysis, variety market potential. 
  • Prepare an Annual Business Review and present to Licensees:  season situational analysis, analysis of variances in production, pricing and plantings, benchmarking and scorecards, IP, and enforcement 
  • Research, review and appoint new licensees where and when necessary to achieve planting targets 
  • Build relationships with licensees and other stakeholders 
  • Improve business efficiencies and reduce business risk 


  1. Database and agreement management 
  • Ensure accuracy of data in Idyia on plantings and removals, royalties, and sales volumes 
  • Act on timely agreement renewals (Agreement Tracker), posting documents to the database 
  • Prepare and implement new agreements (with Legal team) for producers, marketers, nurseries, and test, posting documents to the database 
  • Act on timely completion of Annexes, posting documents to database 


  1. Financial 
  • Prepare annual revenue and expense budgets for the Peruvian business 
  • Prepare monthly YTD expense reports 
  • Provide revenue forecasting when required from Finance  
  • Manage royalty invoicing, collections, and age receivables 


  1. Nursery and plant material 
  • Manage plant material importation, establishment of mother and source blocks and effectively manage the annual plant orders, monitoring cancellations 
  • Encourage nursery best practices through the Sun World certification scheme and monitor nursery inventories through regular reporting 


  1. Quality Assurance & audits 
  • Manage the QA program in Peru in collaboration with GTS and QA and Compliance Manager 
  • Ensure annual licensee audits are undertaken to ensure compliance with agreements  
  1. New varieties 
  • Engage with CFI on new varieties and suitability for Peru 
  • Engage with IP team to ensure appropriate varieties are in the filing schedule 
  • Contribute the annual material distribution process 
  • Work with GTS to ensure the in-country variety testing and evaluation processes are efficient and deliver value to licensees. 
  • Develop and coordinate Test Block projects with GTS.  


  1. Communication, Reporting and Management Attributes 
  • Regular meetings with VP Licensing  
  • Timely, clear, concise, and effective communications 
  • Decision making – high quality, timely and impact 
  • Strategic thinking, innovative thinking and problem solving 
  • Initiative, self-motivated, accountable, confident, and responsible