Business Development Manager / Licensing Manager



The Licensing Manager manages the development of licensed table grape, peach, plum, nectarine and apricot production in California’s Coachella and San Joaquin Valleys and in Sonora, Mexico. This entails working closely with the Company’s variety development (fruit breeding) staff as well as those nurseries and producers that are licensed to propagate vines and trees and produce fruit from them. 

Build the business 
· Identify opportunities to develop the Californian and Mexican business and prepare annual 
action plans. 
· Promote the Sun World grape and stone fruit programs to licensees with objective data and 
promotional material on new varieties. 

Build relationships with Licensees and other stakeholders 
· Marketers – schedule regular meetings to discuss market conditions, product demand and 
variety development. 
· Growers – plan regular visits to grape properties to foster relationships and keep growers 
abreast of Sun World variety development. 
· Nurseries – regular visits to licensed nurseries to discuss variety development, future demand 
for vines and ways to collectively deliver a better service to licensed growers. 
· Potential licensees – meet with and maintain dialogue with potential licensed marketers, 
nurseries and growers of Sun World varieties. 
· Support services – maintain connection with Sun World personnel who deal with our lawyers 
and accountants in California as well as with Sun World farming staff on performance of grape 
varieties on Company farms. 

Improve efficiencies and reduce risks 
· Nursery – manage rapid multiplication processes, foundation blocks, new variety establishment and plant material inventory. 
· Production – develop benchmarking systems to measure vineyard/orchard productivity drivers 
and remit back to growers. 
· Security – Improve the security of Sun World’s IP through better monitoring and auditing of 
plantings and fruit sales. 
· Administration – work on document systems and control, information collection and 
communication with Sun World licensees and affiliates. 
Variety evaluation and protection 
· Work closely with Sun World Variety Development team to identify suitable varieties to test and commercialize. 
· Be involved in the variety evaluation process. 
· Assess where Sun World varieties fit in the US and export market place vis-à-vis competitor 
varieties and determine a clearer competitive position for each brand or variety. 
· Work closely IP Manager on variety protection 


Technical support 
· Coordinate technical support to licensed growers in order to optimize production and outcomes. 

Plant orders 
· Manage the annual plant order process liaising between nurseries and growers, including Sun 
World’s own needs. 

Post-seasonal analysis 
· Collect and collate fruit royalty data and prepare consolidated information for marketers on 
seasonal outcomes. Monitor grower performance regarding yields and returns, communicate 
outcomes to growers individually and assess any possible instances of unlawful sales. 

Budgets and forecasting 
· Prepare annual revenue and expenditure budgets and maintain a production forecast model for North American grapes and stone fruit. 

· Manage the preparation and implementation of agreements and oversee timely invoicing and 
collection of royalties. 

Other Involvement 
· In the foreseeable future, there may be a requirement for the Licensing Manager, North America to assist the Global Licensing Director in new territories globally. This would involve visiting regions where Sun World is establishing its grape and/or stone fruit programs to assist in assessing the opportunities, finding suitable partners, and facilitating the importation of plant 


Education, Experience, Background 
· Bachelor of Science in agricultural science or business required, or equivalent experience. 
· Minimum 10 years in the agriculture industry, preferably with exposure to and familiarity with the 
producer community. 
· Familiarity with proprietary fruit varieties, fruit breeding, and plant propagation processes. 
· Strong written and verbal communication skills; written and verbal fluency in English required. 
· Highly responsive and organized. 
· Ability to function on Microsoft Office. 

· California stone fruit grower-marketer licensees 
· Coachella and San Joaquin Valley, grape producer licensees 
· Sonora, Mexico grape producer licensees 
· California stone fruit and grapevine nursery licensees 
· Potential licensees in new territories (as required) 
· Sun World Licensing, variety development, and commercial farming staff 
· Sun World IP Manager and administrative staff 
· None at this point in time. 

· Global Licensing Director 

· Ability to work whenever required, including nights and weekends 
· Able to work in a fast-paced, demanding environment 
· Regular periodic travel interstate (California) and Sonora, Mexico, and some additional 
international travel. 
I have read the above job description and understand and agree with its contents. 


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