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ADORA SEEDLESS® brand grapes

The “two-bite grape,” ADORA SEEDLESS® brand grapes boasts jumbo size berries, as well as excellent firmness and color. It has virtually no seed trace, unlike other varieties available in the same harvest window, and a sweet juicy flavor that makes for an overall great eating experience.

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  • Harvest: Fall season. Harvest starts late September in San Joaquin Valley, California
  • Cluster: Medium-to large with medium-green stems
  • Berry: Giant, oval with excellent firmness, color and attachment. No seed trace
  • Flavor: Sweet juicy with neutral flavor and low acidity
  • Post Harvest: Firm, with strong attachment. Excellent storage

Global Harvest Windows

  • Israel: September – October
  • Italy: September – October
  • Spain: September – November
  • Portugal: September – October
  • California: October – November
  • South Africa: January – March
  • Australia: March – May
  • Chile: February – April
  • Peru: February
  • Brazil: August – December

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