About Sugrathirtyeight

Midseason SONERA SEEDLESS® Brand


Sugrathirtyeight offers bright red color that develops naturally, along with a sweet, juicy flavor, making it an exceptional alternative to early and mid-season varieties such as Flame and Crimson Seedless.

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  • Harvest: Mid-season.  -6 weeks Sugranineteen. Harvest begins August 3 in Bakersfield.
  • Cluster: Uniform large, 750g with 75-85 berries and bright green stems
  • Berry: Oval, naturally large, 23-24mm (8.5g), bright true-red berry with excellent firmness. Natural color does not become too dark.
  • Flavor: Sweet crunchy berries. 18 brix with medium-low acidity and neutral flavor.
  • Post-Harvest: Firm, with excellent attachment. Excellent storage.
  • Vine: Medium-high vigor vine, spur or cane pruned.

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Global Harvest Windows

  • Spain: August – September
  • Australia: February – April