About Sugraone


SUPERIOR SEEDLESS® brand (Sugraone variety) green seedless grapes offer a big burst of mild, sweet flavor wrapped in a crisp texture. This grape was first introduced in 1972 and we’ve spent over forty years perfecting our growing and harvesting practices to bring you the highest quality green grape around.

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  • Harvest: Early.  Harvest begins early July in the San Joaquin Valley, California
  • Cluster: Uniform loose large clusters with bright green stems
  • Berry: Large, oval, creamy-white with excellent firmness
  • Flavor: Sweet juicy neutral flavor
  • Post-Harvest: Firm, Holds up well in cold-storage

Global Harvest Windows

  • Israel: June – July
  • Italy: July – August
  • Spain: June – July
  • Portugal: July
  • California: May – August
  • Mexico: May – June
  • South Africa: November – January
  • Australia: December – January
  • Chile: December – March
  • Peru: October – February, April – May
  • Brazil: April – October

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