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Midseason SOPHIA SEEDLESS® Brand


A European favorite with its rich Italia-style muscat aroma and excellent production.

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  • Harvest: Midseason. Starts +14 days Thompson. Harvest begins Aug 7 in Bakersfield, CA.
  • Cluster: Uniform loose large clusters (700g) with about 100 berries
    Berry: Round 22mm (6.5g), milky-green berry with excellent firmness.
  • Flavor: Sweet crisp-juicy texture with an appealing muscat aroma. 18 brix with medium-low acidity. Can be leafed to allow berries to amber and develop even richer muscat flavor
  • Post-Harvest: Firm, with fair attachment. Marginal storage potential due to rub-marks.
  • Vine: Medium vigor vine, spur or cane pruned.

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Global Harvest Windows

  • Spain: July-August
  • Portugal: July-August
  • Italy: August
  • Brazil: May and November
  • Israel: July-August