Variety Development

The Natural Science of Fruit

Chilling grapes for a summer picnic. Biting into a sweet apricot on a sunny afternoon. Slicing plums for a pie. These are universal delights made perfect by sweet, juicy fruit picked at the peak of flavor. The best fruit varieties begin at Sun World’s Variety Development Center, where special attention is paid to the ideal blending of flavors, aromas and crisp-juicy textures. Our researchers naturally breed varieties that are not only good for consumers but also good for the planet because of their reduced labor and chemical requirements, and natural disease resistance. Our researchers also develop fruit varieties with optimal harvest windows to increase fresh availability throughout the year. Our goal is to produce exceptional fruit through natural methods.

Sun World’s Variety Development Center houses one of the world’s largest table grape and stone fruit breeding programs, and none of our delicious premium fruit varieties are genetically engineered. What we do is maximize age-old cross-hybridization techniques to combine the best traits from two parent varieties into one exceptional variety. Since 1974, we’ve introduced many important patented commercial varieties to the world, and today Sun World varieties are grown on over 23,000 acres across six continents.

Not surprisingly, growing better fruit takes the cooperation of our researchers, our professional Licensing staff, and our licensed growers around the globe. For you to savor a distinct piece of fruit requires years of work developing sophisticated flavors with enticing aromas, crisp textures, improved production and shipping methods, and the ability to be grown more naturally and with fewer chemicals. We continually push to meet the global demands of consumers who expect the freshest and most flavorful fruit. The result: our proprietary varieties have earned an enviable reputation for absolute deliciousness.

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