Red Grapes

Red seedless table grapes are known for their striking color and distinctive sweet flavor. These versatile fruits make a great snack. They can also be blended in smoothies and baked in desserts.

Red seedless grapes are available from California May through December, which means you can enjoy one of Sun World’s five red grapes as a quick and easy snack on both summer break and winter holiday road trips!

All types of red grapes Sun World offers are low in calories and high in vitamins A and C. Learn more about the health benefits of red seedless grapes in our NUTRITION SECTION.

Types of Grapes

  • Sonera Seedless Brand Red Grapes
    You are sure to love the crunch and burst of sweet flavor you experience with these beautiful, bright red grapes. Try freezing them for a sweet and simple treat.
    In Season
    Mid May-Aug
  • Flame Seedless Red Grapes
    These brilliantly red, popular grapes are a juicy snack-time treat. Pop them in the freezer for 4-5 hours for a summertime delight beyond compare.
    In Season
    Mid May-Aug
  • Crimson Seedless Red Grapes
    This late-season favorite is deep red, has a crisp texture and a sweet-tart flavor. Serve chilled in a fall fruit salad with in-season pears, bananas and apples.
    In Season
    Mid Aug-Nov
  • Scarlet Royal
    These grapes have the perfect combination of crunchy texture and sweet flavor. They are available just in time for back-to-school lunch boxes.
    In Season
    Mid Sep-Nov
  • Scarlotta Seedless Brand Red Grapes
    These juicy late-season grapes are crisp with aromatic flavors. Pair with assorted cheeses and treats like olives and salami for an easy appetizer.
    In Season
    Mid Sep-Dec