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Sweet Mini Peppers

The perfect pepper snack, our sweet mini yellow, red and orange peppers are packaged together for lunches and healthy afternoon snacks. Imagine the serving possibilities with your favorite salads. Or drizzle with olive oil, stuff with goat cheese and bake for a mouthwatering appetizer. Plus these peppers have minimal seeds and are sweeter and milder than most varieties. In other words, they beg for you to pull out the ranch and start dipping. 

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Storage and Handling

Optimum Temp (F): 45 - 50 

Optimum Humidity: 85 - 90% 

Storage Life (Days): 8 - 10 

Ethylene Producer: No 

Ethylene Sensitive: Yes 

Water Sprinkle: No

• Odor Producer: Yes 

• Ripens After Harvest: No 

• Mist: No 

• Top Ice: No 

• Odor Sensitive: No

Consumer Handling Tips

Storage Life: Refrigerator – 5 days

Selection: Choose peppers that are smooth, firm, and glossy. Avoid peppers with soft spots or shriveling.

Storage: Store peppers in plastic bags in the refrigerator. Do not store peppers next to ethylene producing fruits (apples, pears, bananas).

Freezing: To freeze, either roast the peepers and remove the skin and seeds; or slice raw and remove seeds. Store in sealable plastic bags or air tight containers.

Preparation: Wash hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with warm soap and water. Rinse peppers briefly under cool water (no soap) and pat dry.