How We Grow
Always Smart, Sustainable & Fair
We believe better flavor comes from doing things the right way.
A lot of passion and care goes into every single grape we grow. That means we insist on producing non-GMO grapes, grown sustainably and harvested by workers who are treated fairly. Doing the right thing for our people and our planet is something we can all feel good about.

Fair Labor Puts People First.

It takes the very best people to grow the very best grapes. They’re the ones who are closest to our product, tending the vines and working the soil to bring out the true flavor. We’re proud to offer our year-round farm workers valuable benefits, including competitive compensation and health insurance.

Offering a fair living wage and great benefits is just the beginning. A Solar Farm project is in the works to not only power our farms, but also generate revenue to pay for worker empowerment programs such as:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) Vocational & Adult Education Opportunities.
  • Personal Credit & Financial Asset-Building Programs.
  • Development & Training Opportunities to Support the Growth of Local Economies.

All Our Grapes Are 100% Non-GMO.

Nature’s sweetest grapes don’t need to be genetically altered. That’s why at Sun World, none of our delicious premium grapes are genetically engineered. And they never will be.

Water Replenishment Pond

We Work Sustainably to Protect the Earth.

We depend on the sun and the earth to nurture the sweetest, most delicious grapes available. To ensure the highest quality grapes, and protect our resources, we’re passionately committed to sustainability.


Not only do the grapes use the sun to grow and get sweeter, we harness that solar power to operate our farms.

We’re building solar farms that will:

  • Power electricity usage on over 2,000 acres of vineyards
  • Generate power back to the grid generating revenue for more farm worker empowerment programs
  • Each year, offset 14,100 tons of greenhouse gas emissions — the equivalent of over 30 million miles worth of auto emissions


Water is life for our grapes. That’s why we’re focused on practices that eliminate evaporation, promote water reclamation and help conserve our natural resources as much as possible.

  • We are building over 200 acres of groundwater replenishment ponds that will provide sustainable water resources for Sun World vineyards as well as neighboring farms and communities.
  • All of our vineyards use micro-drip irrigation which ensures zero run-off to precious waterways.


The majority of our farmland is used to produce the sweet grapes you love. But we’re also using the land in ways that offset and replenish natural resources.

  • Our farm land has been dedicated to solar farms and water reclamation projects.
  • We plant cover crops that replenish soil health and reduce dust that can contribute to poor air quality.
  • We’re integrating bee forages within our vineyards to provide diverse and healthy options for bee nutrition and habitat.