The future of produce requires action today.

Sun World Sustainability

Feeding the world is a huge responsibility, and part of that responsibility calls for companies like ours to implement practices that complement the land and our natural resources for the protection of our planet. Sun World’s plan for sustainability is one that ensures we grow and harvest an abundance of high quality produce while reducing our environmental impact. We want you to enjoy our delightful fresh grapes for generations to come. So we partner with Mother Nature, monitoring weather and ecosystems to responsibly manage the natural resources that yield those delicious grapes we all love so much.

Sun World Sustainability Program

To achieve our goals, we’ve created a sustainability program that employs a variety of best practices to address environmental responsibility. Those practices include:

  • Using drip irrigation systems and monitoring weather to conserve water resources
  • Protecting the nutrient base of our soil and monitoring moisture to prevent unnecessary watering
  • Promoting energy efficiency from lighting to cooling systems
  • Using recyclable materials, like Kraft cartons for shipping products
  • Recycling of paper and plastic products
  • Employing an Integrated Pest Management program to reduce chemical use
  • Breeding for larger yields from fewer plants and resources

Taking care of our produce means taking care of the earth. When you buy Sun World, you’ll enjoy best-in-class produce grown and harvested with a healthy respect for all our planet has to offer.

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